Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is the practice of accompanying others on their spiritual journey. Spiritual Directors meet with others one-on-one or in small group settings to offer a listening ear, prayer, and insight. Together, a director and directee seek to discern God's activity in the many arenas of life - how is God present? what is God's invitation to me in this time and place?

What happens during a Spiritual Direction session? 

I meet with directees for about an hour. A session typically begins with a brief time of silence and prayer as we gather our hearts before God. The directee then opens the session by sharing from his or her own experiences, concerns, or observations from daily life.  

I listen prayerfully and ask simple questions to help open the moment to God's presence. Together we listen, ponder, and reflect on the ways in which God is showing up in each particular situation. A meeting may cover a wide range of topics or be very focused.  Sometimes we may pause in silence to offer more space to hear the spirit. 

I end each session with prayer and ask whether you would like to schedule our next meeting, in about a month's time. I always remind my directees that I will be praying for them between meetings and that everything shared during our session is confidential. 

How does spiritual direction differ from discipling or counseling?

Discipleship relationships tend to focus on teaching and growth in a particular area and involve reading, study, and progressive growth over subject matter.  While there may be elements of teaching involved in spiritual direction, spiritual directors walk with directees as they discern and follow God's paths for their life. 

Counseling relationships often address specific areas of woundedness and aim to produce healing and restoration allowing a person to move on with life.  Counseling relationships typically end when the initial problem or crisis has been adequately addressed.  While healing and restoration are often experienced in spiritual direction, the relationship is not always problem oriented, nor does it end when a specific issue has been addressed.  Spiritual direction is more of a companioning on the journey, through both times of struggle and times of joy. 

How much does it cost?

My fee scale ranges between $50 and $80 per session. I invite directees to prayerfully discern what they're able to pay. If payment is still a barrier to participation, please let me know and we can discuss an arrangement that works for your circumstances.

What training do I have?

I have a Master's of Divinity degree with a strong focus on Pastoral Counseling and earned four units of Clinical Pastoral Education while working as a Chaplain at Penn State Hershey Medical Center.  In 2014, I completed a two year Spiritual Direction training program through Oasis MinistriesI also continue to meet regularly with my own spiritual director and a peer group of other professionals.

I am gifted with a deep wisdom, compassion, and presence. I'm committed to offering a safe and supporting environment for your journey. All are welcome, as they are. While I work from a Christian perspective, I'm willing to meet all who are open to God's presence in their lives. 

What now?

I would love to talk with you and discern whether God is calling us to walk together. Your first session is always free. Contact me via email (Chripczuk.kelly@gmail.com) if you would like to meet with me, either locally in Central PA or virtually (via Skype or Zoom), or, you can send me a private message on my Facebook Page.

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