Contemplative Journaling/Coloring Prompt for Fall: Letting Go


With the advent of October, many of us find ourselves shifting gears toward the last quarter of the year. We may be taking note of what has or has not been accomplished so far. We may be taking a clear-eyed look at what can reasonably be attained in the traditionally-busy months ahead. We may be wondering how to lighten the load, that we might travel with ease and clarity. 

I want to offer you a FREE downloadable coloring/journal page that invites reflection on the question: What am I invited to let go of in this season? 

Simply visit the link here to download or print the document. (Note: Your printer may say the margins are outside of the printable area. No worries, just click "ok" and go ahead and print as-is.)

I hope you enjoy this contemplative prompt and, if you find you'd like to discuss your experience, please reach out to schedule a time to talk: .