Beauty Blooms in Framed Spaces

It is only in framed space that beauty blooms. – Anne Lindbergh


The haiku settles for doing, as I read it anyway, one very simple but crucial thing – it tries to put a frame around the moment. It simply frames a moment. Of course, as soon as you put a frame around anything, you set it off, you make it visible, you make it real. - Frederick Buechner


A rose bush dances 

in the middle window 

of my office’s far wall. 

Beyond the bush, our back 

door stands wide open. 

My daughter is sitting 

on the back step. 

Blond and fresh, 

she is bent forward 

examining something 

in her hands. 

Her limbs are long, 

her hair is long, 

and the sun spotlights 

her in the door’s dark frame. 

She is engrossed 

in the movements 

of an insect making 

its way between her two hands - 

climbing a finger, then falling 

back to her palm. 

In a flash of motion, she looks up, 

thrusts her hand forward 

and the insect flies away - 

a black blur across the wide 

sunlit space. 

Then, she too flies, 

off the stoop and out 

of the frame and I 

am left here, writing 

the picture of beauty 

I saw through the middle

window of my office's far wall.

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  1. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. We all have those moments, but it takes a poet and a poem to remind us of them.

  2. Great description of beautiful Sophia.

  3. This sounds like a wonderful moment, I love how you saw it through that frame of the window which makes it look like a wonderful painting.

  4. You skillfully framed this special moment, making memorable the simplest thing into a loving moment. caught forever in your memory. Well done.

  5. The perfection of that moment will never repeat but it will remain forever with you. Nicely captured, framed, and shared.
    Lisa at

  6. Excellent. Each verse captures a freeze frame of the moment. I like how you take incremental steps, to the bush, then beyond... To me that speaks of the daughter as well, her growing older and eventually flying on her own. Intentionally or not, the office window seperation gives me a bit of a cats in the cradle feel...

  7. Wowww!!!! This is expertly wrought!!💝

  8. I love the details of this moment's capture through your lens. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Ah, this is lovely. You made me see her.

  10. I love the way you framed the poem, the rose bush, your daughter, the whole view and the moment with the window, and it’s such a lovely moment. I can see it all as if through a camera lens that zooms in to a portrait of your daughter, like a photograph or a painting. I especially like how the sun ‘spotlights her in the door’s dark frame’ and the closer zooming in, which discloses what has her so focused – an insect – a simple, childlike activity, but so special. A gorgeous poem.

    1. Ah, I love that point you make - the focus on HER focus, I didn't see that. She was also framing a moment with the insect ( a bee, by the way). Thanks for stopping by.

  11. What a simple yet pleasant moment to share, like time caught in a held breath...Jason