Desire and Persistence

My cat teaches me
about desire, about persistence. 


Seated for a time of prayer, I hear
him at the screen door, crying. 

I open the door, open my heart. 

Seated again, he climbs, purring,
into the warm curve of my lap. 
His black fur is wet, his large
white feet streaked with mud
and bits of grass. 

I settle him and prepare
to pray, but he's unsatisfied. 
He buries his head, his damp nose,
under my resting hand.  “More,
more,” he purrs, willing
my hands into motion
when they pause. 

He is the persistent widow,
the hungry child
asking for bread. 

I watch him settle once need is met. 
He sleeps against my chest, content. 
His body rises and falls with my breath. 
This is how, my heart whispers,
you might come to God.    


My cat teaches me
about desire, about persistence. 

1 comment:

  1. And your kitty trusted you completely that he would get from you what he wanted. Trust/belief...Lord help us in this!