The Healing at the Pool of Bethesda

John 5:1-9

How long must you wait
by the water’s edge
for the angel to dip
her fickle toe and
stir the surface
of the world?

And what if
even after
days, months
of waiting,
you sense
the air’s movement,
see the water shimmer
with circle after concentric
circle and yet,
are unable
to enter in?

To be near
the miracle is not
enough.  Second
place will earn you
no reward. 

What then?

Nothing can move
you save for the one
question most difficult,
“What do you want?”

The answer 
to that question
turns you away 
from waiting
and the still, 
smooth surface
of the water.  

The answer
to that question 
bids you,
“Pick up your mat 
and walk.”