Resilience (#SmallWonder Link-up)


Across the street winter rye,
tall and green, shimmers and ripples
in the breeze.  Heavy rains bend
random patches, large swaths flattened
like giant deer beds.  A thunder storm
with wind and rain beats down long
rows across the street.  Paths,
not of destruction, but of bending to
a stronger force.  When the sun returns
the bent rye rises and stands again.

Friends, #SmallWonder will be taking the week off as summer begins and my family and I head to VA to farm sit at God's Whisper Farm.  We'll gather again on Monday, June 13th.  

*   *   *   *

I'm super excited to be joining with Andi Cumbo-Floyd and Shawn Smucker to organize a weekend writer's retreat this summer at God's Whisper Farm in the beautiful mountains of Virginia.  Visit Andi's website for more info!

Welcome to the #SmallWonder link-up.  

What if we chose to deliberately look for small moments of wonder, the small sparks of presence, of delight or sorrow, of true humanity in which we meet God?  

That's my proposal - that we gather here each week to share one moment of Wonder from each of our days.  You're invited to link-up a brief post about a small moment of wonder.  Don't worry if your post is too long, too short, or not just right - you're welcome to come as you are.  

While you're here, please do take a look around and encourage at least one other blogger with a comment.   


  1. What a perfect image of resiliency - green, but bending to rise again.

  2. What a great picture of being beaten down but able to rise again!God really does give us the strength to rise when we have fallen. He lifts us up again and cares for us. Blessings to you, Kelly!

  3. What a WONDERFUL job to have to 'farm sit.' May God renew and bless your family Kelly. Perfectly penned poem, btw.

  4. We will not be beaten down. Love your picture. Love this party.

  5. I'm thinking that rye probably looks done for, after heavy rains flatten it to the ground. But a miracle of rejuvenation brings it back upright. Praise God for his miracle of rejuvenation in us, too! A beautifully-written, thought-provoking poem, Kelly!