Spring Arrives (#SmallWonder Link-up)

Dead mums staggered
in the flower bed outside 
the kitchen window 
and rattled their bones 
at me all winter long.

Today, under a
warming sun, 
I bent and broke 
their brown branches
at the base where new
green leaves spoke 
spring's surprise.

Then I walked around
the house, surveying 
winter's damages.
Like the disciples
returning to the tomb,
I found in death's bed
signs of life.  

This never fails to  
astonish me, 
like Christ popping 
through locked doors, 
bright with light,
a daffodil.     

*   *   *

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Welcome to the #SmallWonder link-up.  

What if we chose to deliberately look for the small moments of wonder, the small sparks of presence, of delight or sorrow, of true humanity in which we meet God? 

That's my proposal - that we gather here each week to share one moment of Wonder from each of our days.  

You're invited to link-up a brief post about a small moment of wonder.  Don't worry if your post is too long, too short, or not just right - you're welcome to come as you are.  

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  1. I noticed 3 daffodils blooming this morning by my garage. Be still my heart! I'm so glad spring is on its ways. I love how you put it, Kelly:
    "I found in death's bed
    signs of life."

  2. We also have daffodils blooming! I loved your poem, Kelly, so full of truth. Blessings to you!

  3. I'm loving these poems.
    Although, I do confess to a certain jealousy that you are so far ahead of this Maine mud-pit season of brownie-batter driveways and mud-splattered winter coats. I love the image of Jesus as a daffodil, bright with light -- like a forsythia bush that appears to be luminescent. Almost time to bring in some branches for forcing! Hope!

    1. I have to admit, ours aren't blooming yet and we've got a good season of mud to go through yet :)

  4. Oh Kelly, I just love this poem! I love the imagery of returning to the tomb and finding life! It's so true, isn't it, how Christ continues to surprise us in the ways that He *shows* up. And the season of Spring is such a good reminder that every cold and barren season in our own lives will once again spring with joy.


  5. Love this. Love the imagery and tone. Astonished by Life in death's bed. "Popping out" like Jesus... like the daffodil. Beautiful

    1. Yes, you never know where Jesus may choose to pop out - even in a poem!

  6. Kelly, your poetry and this site are so refreshing...yes! I so agree with you! When I am grateful for individual small things, the atmosphere around me changes, I am sensitized to even more things to be grateful for...truly, all is grace! many blessings to you!

    1. Thanks Beth. Yes, gratitude multiplies, yet another thing to be grateful for :)

  7. Kelly, the ways you see Christ in the simplest things just delight me.... 'bright with light, a daffodil." There are signs in our yard, too, and it amazes me after all the 'truly-this-must-be-dead' of winter that there is new growth.
    What a small wonder.