Not Where, but With

I never envisioned
being the kind of woman
who drives around with a dog
sitting sentinel in the passenger seat - 
I’m a cat person, after all. 

But she loves to go, so I let her.

On straight stretches I reach over
and bury my hand in her fur 
and she keeps my seat warm 
while I’m in the store. 

For her, it isn’t about where,
but with.  The excitement of a car
ride is no more tantalizing than following
me to the Little House where she curls
in a chair and I sit, still in the driver’s seat,
pecking away on a keyboard.  

It isn’t about where, but with.


  1. Amen. Who is with us is what matters...

  2. Yes!!! That is such a universal message for us each and for all circumstances. I love the photo too. So much adoration in those eyes. Who...may we come to Jesus in each moment.

    February 22, 2016 at 9:22 AM