Some Mornings (An Advent Poem)

O that you would tear open the heavens and come down . . . Isaiah 64:1

Some mornings the mountains 
disappear completely, a great
wall of white cutting the distance
between presence and sight.

Maybe this is what Isaiah saw,
this barrier and, like a lover maddened
by desire, he cried out without thinking, 
"Tear open the heavens and come down!"

Isaiah burned with longing, 
his coal-singed lips tingling and God,
whose passion simmers long and low,
was slowly aroused by the pining of his people. 

God came forth as a tiny seed
conceived by earth's desire,
born in the rending wide 
of heaven's door.  


  1. oh my word...the beauty just pours out of you. Share in our GW space?

    1. Thank you Jody :) This is one from last year, but the fog this winter brought it to mind again.