Midnight Benediction

deep under a layer of blankets,
I hear him cry out
in his dark, cold room
at the end of the hall. 

“Ya-Yuh?  Ya-yuh!” he calls,
pausing to wait for his brother’s reply. 
Answering silence is followed by thump, patter,
then the squeak of his door. 

Half-way down the hall
the word, “Mommy” slips from his lips. 
“What?” I call, still snuggled, waiting to hear
what will be required of me. 

A drink of water? 

A blanket straightened and tucked? 

A song or a hand held in the dark?

“I love you,” he calls, then turns,
hurrying back to his warm bed.

Now I am awake and thinking
of his voice splitting the night
like an angel choir, the words,
“I love you” falling like snow 
across an otherwise silent night. 


  1. This makes my mama-heart sigh. I do so miss the days when our boys were small enough to seek me in the night, sometimes piling into our big bed until we were nothing but a tangle of arms and legs and blankets. But every season has it's sweets, right? I'm trying to savor this season of letting go, enjoying watching them become. xo

    1. Lately, seeking us in the night has become a not-so-welcome habit, so there's that part of it too . . . think of me when you're enjoying your full night of uninterrupted sleep! ;)

  2. Oh Kelly, this is so poignant and beautiful. Oh, a child's heart.....

  3. Such strong imagery, Kelly! I can feel your heart skip a beat as those tender words from your little boy fell like snow--just as the shepherds' hearts must have skipped a beat (or two!) to realize the import of the angel's tender words to them. I agree with Jody: poignant and beautiful!

  4. Soooo sweet...the love of a child...a precious gift...

  5. Beautiful, Kelly! Nancy has expressed what I was thinking (only more clearly).

  6. Just that: I love you. I need to call that out in the dark to more people. I need to hear that called out in the dark myself. This was beautiful.

    1. You're right, Charity, we do need to offer those words into the darkness for others. Thank you for that reminder.

  7. My word, Kelly. This is breathtaking. What a benediction, indeed. I never tire of your poetry...

    1. Thank you Amber. It's so nice whenever you pop up again online - I mis connecting with you more often.