The Player

The Player

My husband wanted 
a record player.
Why? I asked.

We don’t have ROOM for a record player. 
We don’t NEED a record player. 
We don’t even OWN any records.

Still, every time I browsed local thrift stores 
he asked, Did you see any record players for me?
An icy no was my standard reply.

Where would we PUT a record player? I asked.
Why don’t you ask for one for Christmas? I offered.
One night we wandered the Salvation Army 
before heading out to dinner.  I turned my back 
not one minute and, of course, you know what he found.

A record player.
A brown record player.
In a portable plastic case.

He crossed the store grinning, 
that contraption hanging at his side 
like a briefcase. 

It’s only $10, he said.
It’s not even attractive, I whined.

Are you kidding?  
It’s portable.  
It’s awesome, he said.

Then, of course, we had to buy 
some records.  

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  1. I've been looking for a portable record player for a very long time....I can understand your husband's request. Wish we lived closer--I've got tons of albums I could give you. Have fun!