Gather (Love's Bouquet)


Hunt out bright blooms, big and small. 
Clutch in one hand, while
cutting with the other. 
Feel the prick of thorns.  Inside,
grab the new turquoise vase with an hourglass figure. 
Fill it with water – a tall, cool drink for thirsty stems.
Strip leaves.
Gather again, first Spirea – pale pink and dusty mauve - 
then small white flowers resembling Queen Ann’s Lace.  Last,
three pale roses almost 
Sleep now as night
falls across yard and house and the tall, turquoise vase.

All night long, petals fall, dispersing perfectly of their own accord.

Awaken to a kitchen scattered with petals.  
Old, wooden kitchen island
transformed into a lover’s bed, 
a wedding aisle strewn with pink.

Ah, love!

Love grew beauty in the yard.
Love gathered. 
Love held. 
Love fell and
spread of its own accord. 

Love woos;
love gathers the gatherer.

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  1. Kelly what a beautiful arrangement and a fitting metaphor... wow.