A Wink, a Blink, and a Nod (#SmallWonder Link-up)

Today, I'm grateful to be hosting the words of fellow blogger, Elizabeth Marshall.  Won't you give her a warm welcome as she shares her heart?

I am measuring beauty and grace in increments of fragmented seconds. Small flakes of wonder, and flecks of time the size of a radish seed are grabbing and holding my attention, turning my chin with fingers, with skin. The hand of God calls me to look.  The Trinity corals me into a hemmed in place for my soul to rest. The balm is of his creation. In this new system of measurement I find lost artifacts. Code them and hold them as sacred – privileged to be awakened to see what was unseen, I abide in him more.
I am an archivist of the now.

The dragonfly in the garden looked like an adolescent. Thin and frail, if he flew slant he would become a line. Fueled by a passion to stay alive, to feed on the nutrients of his world, he left in a blink. A logogram of wonder. A sign of the miraculous. Punctuating the exclamation from my heart of the extraordinary ordinary.
Morning Glories wrap around my patinated back stoop railing. They open and shut, winking and nodding the sweetest of good day’s and good night’s. Slowly going into and out of the heat, they remind me of January’s curtain of dormancy. They cause me to recall - there is quiet, there are pauses. In other seasons, there is a waiting.
My senses awake in a nod. The breath and depth of creation’s unfathomable design, brilliant and alive, is newly paraded on stage. She is a humble peacock. Humility inhabits the folds of her feathered covering. Brilliant and illuminated, her beauty is not hidden easily and it has awakened me. My ears are unplugged, my eyes are re-focused on minutia.

I am awake at the wheel.
In this season, the garden is my sacred place for abiding. God reveals himself to me there. I pluck a flower or pick a berry. Sitting by my newest friends – my rooster and his hens – I settle into the quiet. I study the intricate patterning of their plumage and marvel.

I am both a child and an aging knower.

I see as a child but with the hindsight and maturity of one who is in the second half of life. My life is aging in the flesh and in my bones, but the child in me is present still to share in the partaking.
I am privileged to have a second chance - to see with the lens of grace, to gather and tuck petals and feathers and seconds of life into my place of remembering. I dissect and review and reframe as a poet.  I lean into this living fully present, waiting on beauty and glory. I see glimpses, take sips, drink from the cup of his offering.
I am Rip Van Winkle, awakened to the beauty of the now.

Reacquainted with Father God the creator, I add a dimension to my faith by watching him unveil and reveal a softness and gentleness. Masterpiece after masterpiece says, “I am here and love you. I have made art for your soul. I understand your love for my heavens and my earth. I created you to marvel at it. And it to be marveled at by you.

In a wink, a blink, and a nod we can see it, savor it and ingest it. Or we can live with a beating heart and flowing blood, alive, but not engaged; here, but not present.

For now, I am awake at the wheel as I live out my days in my fifties. Fifty six years of making memories in this life – gratitude attends my soul as I thank God for calling me into a season of seeing, recording and savoring.

Each second, each wink, blink and nod, there are thousands of signs of God’s love.

Abide with me.

Slow with me.

Find time to see anew with me.

This is my passion.

To find the beauty in the simple and to gather, handful by handful, the overflow of miracle.



Stone and leaf.

Skyward, a pastel painted sky fades and gives way to winking and blinking stars.

And I nod.

Yes. Thank you. Grace.

At the tips of my toes the Cicada springs up through the grass, joining the symphony of the ebony night.

There are wonders, miracles, and signs of God in every wink, blink and nod.  I have been slow to see, but I rejoice that I am now awake.  Won’t you join me in the partaking?

Elizabeth Wynne Marshall is a writer, poet, and blogger. A lover of grace & the sea, she spends her days living and writing out the beautiful ordinary in a life lived by the sea. Her words may be found at her writing home, elizabeth w. marshall, poetry & prose through a lens of grace. On twitter & instagram, she is @graceappears.

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  1. Beautiful post. So very true. Something about being in my 50's as well, has made me realize how quickly life passes in the light of eternity. Thank you for reminding me to be present today.

    1. Joanne, I too am reframing my world as I creep closer to 60 than 50. Savoring these days. Thank you for your kind words and for entering in with generous feedback. Blessings, e

  2. I love this chronicle of NOW! Thank you for documenting the wonders that you experienced by paying attention.

    1. Now is proving to be a powerful game changer for me. Thank you for joining me in the noticing, Michele.

    2. Now is proving to be a powerful game changer for me. Thank you for joining me in the noticing, Michele.

  3. Dwell, abide, listen....themes the Father keeps repeating over and over again to me as well. Your beautiful words add to the breath of God saying, "listen. now."
    So beautiful Elizabeth (thanks Kelly for inviting her!)
    Loved this.

  4. Oh. Elizabeth. All of this resonates so so deeply. And this - "I am an archivist of the now" - and all the ways you spin a phrase like colorful strands of silk. I, too, am learning to pay attention at this level... and though it's not a state I live in continually, when I'm here, really here in the now, I am fully alive. Thank you.

  5. Oh I love this... I am living this, as well! I find myself wanting to chase butterflies and dragonflies and capture their beauty but instead, I breathe in slow and watching them in wonder!

  6. Really, really nice, Elizabeth. The imagery touched my soul. This was my favorite line: "I am both a child and an aging knower." I so understand this. As a newly-61 year old woman, I still feel in my heart like the same little girl who fell in love with Jesus when she was 3 years old. I love both ends of the spectrum.


  7. Wow, what a beautiful post. "I'm an archivist of the now" - Such a beautiful reminder that the small, little things happening now are worthy of noticing and remembering. Thanks for sharing this post and thanks for hosting!

  8. It is amazing all that we can see and experience if we pause...pause to enjoy the presence of God with every one of our senses and every ounce of our being.