Canine Prayers

This isn't our dog, but you get the idea, right? Photo Source.

Be still, and know that I am God . . . Psalm 46:10

She’s nestled at my side right now, sleeping with great, heavy sighs, her long legs tucked and curled in a fetal position. 

I’m still learning the stillness of dogs.  They don’t purr when happy, don’t flap their tales angrily when the petting becomes too much.  Their language is altogether different. 


I wake up early every morning intending to ingest caffeine and find time to pray, journal and read.  Too often, though, once the computer’s on, I’m off and running - making lists, commenting, writing and, in the worst of circumstances, reading depressingly bizarre articles on Yahoo.  Sitting in an old wooden Adirondack chair by the wood stove, I hit the ground running, bolting into the day on a caffeine driven wave of activity. 

I notice the early morning darkness, the stillness and calm, but I don’t enter into it.

This dog, though, she sleeps curled on the worn, leather couch at the bottom of the stairs.  A blur of black and brown, she blends in and only her deep snores give her away. 

She is warm, she is still, she is calm. 

Walking over to say good morning with my tall cup of coffee in hand, she invites me, wordlessly, to sit and snuggle.  Settling on the couch, I pull her into my lap and she presses her head against my shoulder.  

Now I am still, warm and growing calm. 

There’s no room for the computer with a dog in my lap.  It’s too dark for a book, no room, no light for journaling.  So, I pray in a quiet, wordless way, settling in to Something More like that pup curled on the couch.  Slowly, the sun rises across the field, covering the landscape with its wordless, changing light.  

When my husband comes walking through the darkness to kiss me goodbye, I’m there still almost hidden on the couch.  And every morning now, I choose – to work by the fire or to enter into the quiet call to prayer that arises from the soft sounds of our silent, sleeping dog.   


Sometimes I find myself called to prayer in the most surprising ways - what calls your heart to prayer?

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  1. This is lovely, Kelly, You took me to this peaceful place! I have an old dog who snores away during my early morning quiet time too. I love it.

  2. Kelly, I struggle with the same challenges in the 'first thing in the morning' time.....step.away.from.the.laptop is my new mantra.
    What calls me to prayer? An urging by the Holy Spirit that Jesus wants to be with me and that He has something to say. I want to work on listening better.
    (And a new puppy would be an added boon..... but not quite yet.)

  3. We are living parallel lives. Thanks for this gorgeous reminder.