Love at First Sight (a poem)

(Here I am around age 5 with two of my first kittens.  It was always love at first sight.)

Instinct led her
to lift the small
mewing creature with
pin-prick paws
to her chest, pressing
it close to where her own heart
beat.  And instinct bade
the poor kitten to cling
there, slowly calmed
by a hand curved
protectively around
the boney ridge
of its back.  The two
clung together 
as one - the girl
with her soft, slow
ways, and the kitten,
made to flourish like a
flower in the clasp
of such tenderness. 

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!  May your life be filled with as many kinds of love as possible!

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  1. 'made to flourish like a flower...' Kelly, the sound and picture of that phrase is lovely!.