Welcome (Five Minute Friday)

Perfect, our lanky kitten with white paws and chin, welcomes me to the day.  I carry her tucked under my arm and close to my chest and she rattles and shakes with a crackling purr as we descend the stairs together.  

I welcome the day with a large volume of caffeine, darkness and silence, drinking them each in steady gulps, but it isn’t long before little feet patter and pound through the upstairs hallway.  Three little boys pop out of their beds in turn like popcorn kernels heated to bursting.  They take turns running to the potty and standing in the darkness calling down the same question again and again, “When can we wake up?”

“It’s early,” I say, “look how dark it is.  Go back to sleep.”  

Blankets are tucked and kisses exchanged with promises of more kisses later.  

Darkness lingers as the day creeps across the snow white field.

They continue to call and slowly my responses shift, “A few more minutes,” then, “just five more minutes, you can turn the light on now and talk quietly.”

I suck the marrow out of each morning, savoring the cool, quiet darkness that welcomes me and once I've had my fill I turn at last to welcome these warm, loud, little lights as they break into the day.  

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