This morning the world was cloaked,

white on white, as snow fell and the mountains

shied behind a sheet of fog.  The cornfield 
stretched between, like a wide sheet of paper,


Lighting the fire, I feel the way

these two days between Thanksgiving

and Advent stretch silent and open.

I want to fall into these days,

to lay down in the great white expanse

of them amidst the absence of color, of noise,

of need. 

This is the moment between satisfaction

and desire when we turn our hearts

from training to see what is,

to longing for that which is to come.  

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  1. "He has set eternity in their hearts." Ecclesiastes 3 comes to mind. I guess that's why there's always this straining forward....we were made for Him.
    Wonderful white words here, Kelly.

    1. Thank you, Jody :) I hope you enjoyed the holiday!

  2. Beautiful, Kelly. I find myself wishing we had a little more time in-between this year. I don't feel ready for Advent. But this morning we lit the candle and sang together and it was beautiful. So we wait. Together.

    1. I agree Laura, two days went far too quickly and then . . . we're off! The candles, the singing, help, though, to slow things down. Enjoy this season with your boys - we're still at the "can we get everyone one to sit still and quiet for two minutes" phase of things and you are way, way at the other end. Take care, friend.

  3. Oh my, yes. There is the briefest of breaths, this pause, between a day of satisfaction and the season of longing, and I find myself right there with you, wanting to fall into the great white empty expanse of it. You couldn't have put this to words more poignantly, Kelly.

    1. Blessings to you, Amber as we turn the corner toward the longest night and the coming light.

  4. Beautiful Kelly! Love this!

    1. Good to hear from you, Angela - I do hope we can get together sometime - maybe in the new year!