To Mend a Broken Heart

Flowers help, cut or wild
blooms of vibrant hue,
also time rolled out in long
stretches like bolts of cloth.

Air is essential, as well as stories
that name in some way the sharp
corners of your pain.

You will want to lay down
on the floor, to feel something
solid beneath your brokenness,
like a hand holding the pieces
of a shattered vase. 

Be gentle: offer yourself 
a cup of tea, a book, a candle lit
in silence. Tuck small 
moments of beauty and joy
into your heart like a poultice 
to draw out the pain.

If you're able, wake up
before the sun rises.  Allow
your day to begin and end
in the quiet dark.  Then watch
for the way the light breaks
through differently each day; 
witness the miracle
of night’s passing until 
you believe it's true.  

(Photo Source: Here. ) Linking today with Playdates With God.


  1. Beautiful poem!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kelly,
    That image of a poultice...yes, beauty and joy...such grace gifts....and like you, I find flowers particularly healing :) Praying you continue to feel God's love and beauty restoring you ...((hugs))

  3. Kelly. I'm up this night, unable to sleep, and all I could think after awhile were the words of your poem on the night holding you. And so I reread them and wept, and then, I found this one. Reading it is like a poultice, drawing out pain from my heart tonight. I cannot say how much your poetry is like these "stories that name in some way the sharp corners" of my pain, and I am so grateful for you.

    1. That makes me so thankful Amber. I pray rest for you and safe places for the tears to stream as you pass through this valley.