Friday, October 10, 2014

Even More Undignified (a Poem and a Playdate)

What is serious to men is often trivial in the sight of God. What in God might appear to us as "play" is perhaps what He Himself takes most seriously. At any rate, the Lord plays and diverts himself in the garden of His creation, and if we could let go of our own obsession with what we think is the meaning of it all, we might be able to hear His call and follow Him in His mysterious, cosmic dance. . . . we are invited to forget ourselves on purpose, cast our awful solemnity to the winds, and join in the general dance." - Thomas Merton in New Seeds of Contemplation

“I will become even more undignified than this.” - King David regarding his dancing half-naked in the streets (2 Samuel 6:22).  

You ride in large loops circling 
the L-shaped curve of the driveway. 
Perched on your tall, blue bike,
it's pedal, pedal, pedal, coast and turn 
in that small space under the Indian-summer 
sky.  There’s a kitten zipped into your hoodie, 
black face and whiskers peaking out as you 
pedal, pedal, pedal, coast and turn. 

Right there, between the green grass 
and ceiling of blue, you feel the freedom 
and joy that has been missing for too long.  
Not only do you feel it but, for once, 
you value it, holding it as a prize, 
a pearl of great price.  The Day Care parents 
come and go next door, moving from work 
to work and you – soaring under the golden 
sky, the soft fur of a sweet being warm 
against your chest – you don’t care who sees.   

Laura Boggess' new book Playdates with God: Hvaing a Childlike Faith in a Grownup World was released this week.  Are you ready to meet God with the heart of a child?  Visit her blog where she is blogging 31 Days of Playdates  for the month of October.

 This is our other kitten, all zipped up happy and snug in my hoodie while I work on cooking dinner.  The other night she sat on my shoulder for a long time watching me peel potatoes.  The joy of kittens is restoring, for me, some of the joy of my childhood and for that I'm deeply grateful. 


  1. What a sweet little kitty and picture. thank you for sharing it.

    1. Thanks, she's a darling. My daughter named her "Perfect" and it suits her to a T.

  2. Kelly, I can't describe the joy I feel reading this beautiful poem. That is the gift of poetry, isn't it? Lovely and thank you.

    1. Thanks Laura. Let's get that playdates retreat thing in the work, we need a chance to play together!

  3. I'm so glad you shared this, Kelly. Brava!

  4. Love it, love it, love it. More, please. I'm so glad you're making space for play, dear Kelly. We all need it - we're designed for play a swell as work and sometimes we get it so unbalanced, don't we??

    1. This is where my children lead me, Diana, and I'm learning (slowly!) to follow them. Their eyes were bugging out at the sight of their crazy mama looping around the driveway and I may not have given the best example of appropriate kitten-handling, but I sure was happy and free. So good to see you here.

  5. Kelly, your poem painted a picture for me...but the photo of you and the kitten did me in. Just overwhelmed at God's grace and love for you, for us. Thank you for this.

    1. Thanks Jodie. I'm grateful too, so very. Moments like these are worth so much more than I've realized in the past.

  6. Kelly,
    Oh, the photo of you and the kitten cuddled up close to you...what a picture of grace and love :)