Half Moon Heart (a poem)

My heart is like
the half-moon peaking
out of the mid-day
blue sky.

There is more, always more,
hidden; more than I can
know or see.

Lord, teach me to tend,
carefully, the shadow
places where deep
roots dwell.

Teach me to love,
tenderly, the cool
darkness, to prize it
along with the light. 

This post is linked with Playdates with God and Unforced Rhythms.


  1. Kelly,
    Such tender beauty and wisdom in your poem...Thank you :) Yes...it is so hard with prize the darkness along with the light and to remember darkness and light are alike to God (Ps 139:12)....praying you experience God's love with you in both.

    1. Thanks so much Dolly. I am discouraged today, your words and re-tweeting are an encouragement. Yes, I love that psalm, such oneness in God.

    2. Honored...and I might be linking back to your poem in my next post in my trust series :)

  2. OOps...meant to say "to" not "with"...to prize....I relate as yesterday was a dark day.

  3. Beautiful, Kelly!

    You've got me pondering whether that's a waxing or a waning half-moon. Maybe it doesn't matter...maybe it's more important to embrace the cycle...

    Blessings to you!

  4. I'm just eating up your poetry lately, Kelly. How I love this, all of it, and tending "the shadow places where deep roots dwell" takes my breath away, along with "teach me to love, tenderly, the cool darkness, to prize it along with the light." Deep breath. Thank you - and amen.