Fill (Five Minute Friday)

Walking up the hill from the garden, the twins run ahead because Daddy just got home from work. 

All week long my heart has carried a question, waiting for an answer that reaches beyond my own reason, something that fills the gaping hole inside of me. So, although I’m just walking along like normal, the hands of my heart are open there under the sun and blue sky.

The twins run ahead, blond hair and a red shirt on one side, brown hair and a tan shirt on the other.  Running up the bright green grassy slope, they look back and forth between themselves, laughing. 

Watching them I feel again the truth of my life, shining down around me like the hand of God on my head.  I am God’s beloved daughter.  This life, this world, are filled with reminders of that truth, that blessing, if only I can hold my heart open long enough to receive.

Giggling and careening wildly, Isaiah reaches out to grab his brother’s hand and they continue running up the hill to their father’s embrace.   

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  1. Over here from FMF... love the way your writing puts your reader right in the middle of what you are talking about. The way you described things, it made me feel like I was there watching this unfold.