What the Bud Feels

What does the bud feel
the day before its opening?

Deep desire for the light
and the anticipation of dancing
in the wind.

And what of the bud
that fails to open, standing
closed along-side its
star-burst sisters?

Maybe she sleeps still,
content with the dream
of another year. 

This post is linked with Five Minute Friday.


  1. Your pic is beautiful. I just love peonies! It is interesting to think of the process of the seed to plant to bud and then to the ultimate glory - the bloom.
    *a neighbor dropping by from FMF

    1. Yes, seems like every part of the process is grace and none can happen without the other. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Beautiful Poem...Thanks for sharing at FMF.

  3. Not sure if my other comment posted...this may be an add-on. I love this post! Very poignant. We bloom in our own God given time and fashion. Beauty in the bloom here. Also, your header is great...did you paint it?

    1. Thanks Jennifer :) There are free places online where you can upload a pict for resizing and apply different "finishes" to it - I think this one was called "oil painting" or something like that - so I did take the picture, but then worked with it online - very fun! Yes, in God's time and in the waiting we rest in trust.