The Rooster's Prayer

Reading in the morning, 
I am distracted by the light
that falls across the page,
across the room,
climbing down the wall 
as the sun rises.

Somewhere, a neighbor’s rooster 
crows, as I carry my little boy 
toward the bathroom where he stands 
on sleepy legs.  Maybe that song 
is his prayer, I think, as I carry 
this boy back to his bed, fix 
the pillow and blankets, 
and close the door.

Yesterday afternoon I stood 
in the kitchen cutting potatoes, 
eggs, cucumbers and onion and paused 
to call my husband, because
of the way the room was lit through 
the windows, the way the ceiling fan spun, 
fresh, the way I stood, happy 
and content in a farm house kitchen 
like so many women have before.   
This, I know, was my prayer.

Photo Credit: HERE.

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  1. Kelly, this is such a picture of beauty and peace. I can feel and see the details. That simplicity is a gift, I would say. And a prayer. ;)

    1. Thanks, Dawn. I'm glad it spoke to you. Yes, simplicity is SUCH a gift.

  2. A prayer the rooster offers EVERY morning. Without fail. Oh, that I would do the same.

    1. A prayer the rooster offers without even trying - the prayer is part of who he is, now that is astounding. Thanks so much for visiting, Beth.

  3. You remind me of Michelle DeRusha's piece, "Prayer is paying attention". So much life in this, Kelly. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Kelli, I'll have to look that up, I think I must have missed that one.