God Sleeps (a poem)

 (Storm Sleeper by Glen Strock)

God sleeps, yes,
but not like we do. 

God sleeps
like the rich, dark,
patient earth
surrounding the
yearning seed.

God sleeps, yes,
but not like we do.

God sleeps
like a mountain
tall, majestic,
home to streams
that run, rushing
down his face,
home to the
deer that wander,
gently nibbling and
to the hiker who stops
on the trail midway
between valley and peak.

God sleeps, yes,
but not like we do.

God tosses and turns
like an old man dreaming
a tangled mass
of what was,
what is,
what will be. 

God sleeps and is silent,
while the storm rises
and with it panic.
God sleeps like the ocean
depths unruffled by the wind.

‘Wake up!’ we cry, ‘Wake up!’
and the earth shudders,
the mountain quakes,
the old man sighs and turns in his sleep
while the ocean grows calm around us. 

(a reflection on the calming of the storm in Mark 4:35-41)
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  1. I was thinking of Jesus asleep in the boat as the storm raged around him. Such peace. Your poem is beautiful, Kelly.

  2. This is lovely. I am so thankful that He rules the storm.