Sucker-Punch (a story of Openness and Vulnerability)

I was so grateful a few weeks ago to receive an invitation from Amber Cadenas to write something for her blog, Beautiful Rubbish: the everyday art of learning to see.  Amber's running a series of guest posts under the topic "Tales of Beauty from the Rubbish Heap," in which she's asking several writer friends to write about story of redemption or beauty found in unexpected places.  Today I'm writing a little more of the "behind the scenes" story of how we found, then lost, then found again this old farm house.  

*   *   *

We wrote an offer on a big old farm house – a solid, happy looking place with great bones, two acres and a “tenant house” – the day after Christmas 2013.  Then we waited a week for the bank representative to return from vacation and reply to our offer.   

This was the fourth house we bid on over an eight month period.  We'd been through enough ups and downs to be cautious, but this time around we were very, very excited.  We tried to simmer down about it, but one day I brought home a stack of Organic gardening magazines I found on the free shelves at the local library, then my husband started researching chickens on-line.  Soon I was scanning Craigslist for the cabinets and fixtures needed to bring the place up to speed for a family of six.  

But it wasn’t until the last day, the day before we would hear back, that I really let myself get excited.

It felt so right . . .
Follow me over to Amber's place to read the rest of this surprising story, won't you? And while you're there, be sure to click around to get a flavor for her writing.  Thanks so much, Amber for this lovely opportunity!
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