Taming the Little Beasties

(How does an introverted mother make it through the long, cabin-fevered months of winter with four wild and wiley children underfoot?  Why, she reads to them, of course.)

This is the scene every morning and night at my house: me in sinking into a well-worn hollow of the couch, my lap filled with boys and a blanket and the older two perched along-side. 

They are my lions and tigers and bears, running and roaring restless and I tame them, still and silent, with the power of words.

They are hungry birds squawking and screeching until I build a little nest and fill their ears with stories. 

They are the snakes I charm with the hypnotic notes of "once upon a time" and "happily ever after."

They are my crowd, my captive audience, the flies trapped in this mama spider's web of words. 

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  1. Oh, Kelly...I can so relate. I found you through Five-Minute Friday today. I'm also a mama of little twins and an older sibling, and I'm expecting another baby (just one this time!) in July. My lap is full of wild, and it's shrinking. :-)

    I loved what you wrote about words and their ability to charm, tame, and feed. I've spent what feels like full days out of the recent months with a pile of books on the sofa and a pile of children crowded around me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. "full of wild and shrieking" yes, piles of books and children :) you get it, exactly!

  2. Oh my, how brilliant this is. All kinds of little beasties to tame, and what a great way to do it - through your "web of words." Not to mention, these are moments I'm sure they will remember years down the road, your stories in their ears, and they will treasure them...

  3. I echo the others -- words and stories give way to so many unexpected wonderful things! Glad for you with your crowd, even if as a fellow introvert (extrovert at tines) I can understand that it must not be easy! Coming in late as your FMF neighbor.

  4. This post brings back good memories of my mother. We sat on the arms of the chair as she read to us every night before bedtime. You're making a wonderful memory for your children.

  5. Beautifully done, Kelly. And I love your crowd and their VERY young mama.

  6. Yes, I know this wildness of which you speak! My 3 boys get a crazed look in their eyes and rush around the house giggling and shrieking... it's hard to know how to deal with them. Maybe more book reading by mama might help. ;)