The Little Birds That Leapt

Driving by the old house at night
the windows glow on every side,
a warm golden yellow.
My eyes well up
with yearning for home
and I wonder,

do the little birds
that leapt so freely
from their nests
feel a pang of longing
days, even weeks later,
as they go winging by?

This post is linked with Lisa Jo and the Five Minute Friday crowd on the prompt "fly." Click over to read more posts. To read more posts about our recent move, check out this link: Moving.


  1. wow! loved this - seriously!

    transition is hard - sounds like you just might be living it right now.


  2. gorgeous, Kelly. just that. and thank you, too.

  3. nice...i like how you relate that longing to the birds that fly by...maybe peeking in on that same house...leaving a place you once called home is def not easy...

  4. a novel question - now I'll wonder, too ~ M

  5. Nice relate..... . Wonderful way of correlation................

  6. love.this.
    and wondering as well about the things we miss once we have left

  7. ah that is a good question... maybe that longing for home is rooted in each of us a matter of man or bird..

  8. Longing away at first but always longing for home... wonderful read.

  9. I like the ease of their chatter. Their comfortable motion as they sift for berries. More careful that I'll ever be.