Laundry (Folding Prayers)

"So, how do you pray right now?" she asks, "Mostly prayers on the fly?"

"Yes," I say, thankful to hear that my repetitive refrains of "please, please, please" count for something. 

"Laundry can be a time for prayer," she offers, "holding each person in prayer as you fold their clothes." 

It's not a new idea and based on the basket-fulls at our house, has the real possibility of moving me toward sainthood. 

"I've heard of that," I say.  Then I add, "When I fold the kids' clothes, I think of them and I can feel my compassion for them welling up inside of me.  I feel like that's something like prayer, do you think so?"

"Yes," she says, "that is prayer."

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  1. Hmm, never thought about that - good idea to pray for the ones we are folding clothes for! Found you on 5MF.


  2. I agree with the above comment....great moment to focus on those you love most!