I slide carefully crafted prayers
under heaven's door -
reasonable requests plainly scrawled  
on flat, white sheets of paper.

These, God takes and turns, 
fold by fold,
into something new,
sending them back in the strangest of guises -
a flitting bird, a bouncing frog -
fullness of life
where I only thought
to ask for provision. 

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  1. Wow a beautifully written piece of art. So gentle yet weighty. What a wonderful God we serve. Who returns our cries, pleads, and mess, with something new, fresh, and beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Rebecca. Yes, sometimes I think God is more creative than I would like!

  2. Beautiful poem on "present" and I am so glad to have stopped by. My prayers are more like scribbles and sometimes they are so messy that I only hope God reads them, but yes, you are right-they come back in the most wonderful ways-ways I don't even think I could dream up!

    1. Thank goodness God can read all sorts of hand and heart writing!

  3. This is so beautiful! You've said so much, and brought to mind so many prayers that were followed by rainbows or flitting birds. How wonderful to think that they were my prayers folded, colored, and returned!

  4. ha. god sends back in the strangest guises...true we dont always get our prayers back the way we think....smiles...very cool poem...and thanks for joining us at dversepoets....

  5. Lovely verse, and the photo is delightful too!