Broken (Five Minute Friday)

By the time we were scheduled to get phone and Internet service, two days after the MOVE, we had already spent one night curled backwards on the love seat watching "Frasier" and "Better Off Ted" on the laptop that sat percariously perched in the window.  The Deli across the street, aside from offering a host of fried foods and free delivery, also boasts a "guest" wireless line, so we logged on and vegged out for a few precious minutes before climbing the stairs to face the child who would. not. sleep.

Monday night came and we plugged in the phone, but there was no dial tone, so we crumpled, exhausted, onto the couch again, swapping snippets of conversation in the seconds that became minutes while the shows buffered and buffered some more. 

Tuesday night was spent on a cell phone, getting shuffled from voice to voice in search of a solution.  There was mention of an $80 dollar service fee if the problem lay within the house and they suggested we test the connection outside using a corded phone. 

But who knew WHERE the corded phone was?  As usual, I could remember seeing it on top of a basket at some point, somewhere, but the basket I pictured had already been unpacked minus the phone, so . . .

We curled again, backwards, and the sign from across the street illuminated our faces while we watched sitcom characters solve their problems in twenty minutes flat every. single. time.

This post is linked with Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday, although her blog is currently broken, so I can't actually insert the link.  Classic.


  1. It reminds me of my kids asking me one day what a corded phone was :) Seriously, kids- it hasn't been that long! Visiting from the broken FMF!
    Blessings :)

  2. Visiting from FMF. We moved last year and experienced similar difficulties getting phone and internet service. I love the last bit about the sitcom characters - too true! :)