We Have No Maps

"We have no maps, nothing but the inner directions
that seem to emerge as we engage the questions and
risk moving toward the dream.  Together we will
learn where we're going."    - Judy Cannato

The man I now love
invited me on a walk
that first spring.
"Why don't you go
in front?" he offered,
as we wandered
without a trail
down a wooded slope.

Inwardly I bristled,
"How should I know
where we're going?"
But his joy
was simply to be
in the woods with me
and I, alone,
could not feel it.

We're walking again
this spring, moving
without a map
toward shared dreams,
down a hill no less
wooded or sloped.

But now I see,
together is the key
not where or how.
And when fear
causes me to stumble,
I find myself turning,
not to anger,
but to love. 

This poem is shared with dVerse Poets Pub for their open links night.


  1. Yes Kelly, Together is the Key. Fantastic isn't it.

  2. together is the key...far more than where or how...that is for sure...nicely said...smiles

  3. Really lovely - a tender reflection.