Holy Saturday's Work

Holy Saturday's Work

(for that which is already but not yet)

Go outside and kneel
beside still-sleeping beds.

Strip away all that's dead;
the leaves, brown and curled,
and the dry, empty stems
of last year’s blossoms.

Straighten, one-by-one,
the scallop-edged bricks
that have stood, leaning,  
all year-long
like forgotten gravestones.

Roll the giant flowerpot aside
and wonder at the sound of
stone scraping against stone.

- K. Chripczuk

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  1. LOVE this, Kelly. Oh, my! Thank you.

    1. Thanks Diana, poems always feel like little presents to me that appear out of nowhere. I was so thankful for beautiful weather and the chance to spend a rare day working outside. Happy Easter!