I want to explain how it feels . . . (this thread, these crumbs)

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This Thread, These Crumbs

I want to explain
how it feels -
it seems to me
that my life is held
by an unseen thread,
a shimmering strand
of gossamer, perhaps.

And as I pass through each
moment in time and space
I am forever looking for signs
of its Presence.

Like Hansel and Gretel
I walk hunched over,
peering through each day,
seeking, searching
for those elusive crumbs
that lead through
these dark woods
toward Home.


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    1. Thanks, Laura, for stopping by, and thanks for the tweet!

  2. Beautiful, Kelly. Love this. Thank you for linking up!

  3. So delicately, beautifully written and your words resonate so strongly. Thank you

  4. A gorgeous poem rich with meaning. We can all relate to "searching for those elusive crumbs" on our journey through life. Simply lovely! Blessings :)