A Little Gumption (the mustachioed man)

Every day, while driving my daughter to kindergarten in a van stuffed with four children that were wrestled, wrapped and carted out one-by-one, I saw him.  Sometimes on the way to school, sometimes on the way back home, he appeared on the edge of the horizon like the sunrise. 

He was consistently fascinating.

He ran with a loose gait, drooping athletic pants swaying as he pressed on, one step at a time, his arms bent, hands in front of him.  He wore a hat, or more often a white visor and also white gloves. 

But the thing that struck me most was his moustache. 
It takes a certain kind of moustache to attract the attention of a driver passing by with a van full of noise and need at twenty miles an hour, so maybe you can picture it without me having to draw it out in fine detail.  I will tell you it was brown and heavy, but well-trimmed. 

He was a regular Tom Sellek, my mustachioed man. 
Something about his regularity, the predictability of this sighting, this crossing of paths pleased me. 

That, and his moustache.   
It takes a little gumption to sport a moustache like that, don’t you think?  And I guess there are times when we could all use a little gumption.    

This post is shared with Just Write, which is about, well, just writing.  But somehow I confused it with a 5 minute time-limit challenge I saw on another website, so what you see here is a very quickly written little piece.  Enjoy!

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