Bugs (BONUS!): Learning to See

This fellow lived on a potted plant on our porch one summer.

The husband and four year old have been desperate to catch a Praying Mantis, so much so that I was praying we might find one on our walk after lunch today (my ulterior motive was that I wanted to be the one to find the coveted bug, not Daddy, so perhaps there was good reason for God to neglect that prayer).  But, alas, nothing was found, except this little poem . . .  Enjoy!

The Blind Receive Sight (along the edge of a field)

You cannot find a Praying Mantis by praying for it,
believe me, I’ve tried. 
It’s not that they aren’t there, I suppose,
but rather, I lack the eyes to see them. 

Before today I couldn’t have found a grasshopper
unless it sprang across my path, brushing against my arm or leg.
But today I spent an hour looking, with my son,
and soon I was seeing them too,
brown or green with hints of yellow,
clinging to a blade of grass in a field of grasses.

I trained my eyes to look
and they began to see
(not to mention that I was
in the company of an expert seer,
as all children are known to be).

Tonight on our walk after dinner, guess who finally found a praying mantis?!  That's right!  And, my reward is that it's now living in an aquarium in the kids' room, at least I hope it's still in the aquarium . . . 
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